Where Do The Nation’s Top Note Investors 
Go To Take Their Business To The Next Level?
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The NotePro Mastermind
The Note Investors Board Of Directors
  •  NotePro is strictly for top-notch, elite note investors. You will be surrounded by the movers and shakers in the industry. 
  •  NotePro is comprised of elite note investors and lenders that become your “Board Of Directors”. Your new Board of Directors will help you explode your transaction volume while implementing systems to regain control of your time.
  •  NotePro members share EVERYTHING because they are in non-competing markets.
  •  NotePro members create businesses together, lend and borrow money from each other, systematize inefficiencies, share inventory sources, and joint venture on note deals.
  •   NotePro is APPLICATION/INVITATION only. 
Connect and Collaborate with
“The Elite Investor’s Board Of Directors”
The top Real Estate Note Investors in the nation
Questions? Contact us at info@noteschool.com or call 866-844-8228
Why Should You Request An Invitation To Join Us 
At The Next NotePro Mastermind?
Because You’ll Get Access To The Same Systems, Strategies, Resources, and Relationships That Generate These Types of Results

Michael Rogers

"I've been a NoteSchool student since Mar 2016. I spent 30 years in the corporate world and have been doing real estate investing since 2013. I have flipped houses, sold contracts (wholesaling) and have 11 rental properties as of today. I enjoy the "passive income" of rental properties, but am not thrilled with managing the 3 T's. These guys at NoteSchool ARE THE REAL DEAL! They not only have over 25 years experience per person on staff, but they are extremely professional and are building a great program. Also, every person I have met in NoteSchool are all top quality professionals. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to "learn from the best."

Bob Bullinger

"I will tell you this: I have probably spent well over a 100k on my education, real estate wise, over the past 17 or 18 years and I would say to the people I know at NoteSchool that Eddie is the real deal…
It is worth it."

Huan Pham

I stumbled on to NoteSchool at a local REIA meeting, went to a one-day seminar, then 3-day classes, enrolled in the mentor program, all in one month, and never looked back. As a student, I need comprehensive training. As a businessman, I appreciate a good system. As a new investor, I want great support. In Eddie Speed and his staff, I've found everything I need. In my first 6 months, I've purchased 9 notes, sold 1, and raised funds from 2 investors. Obviously I am very happy. It would not have been possible without Eddie and the great people at NoteSchool."

Richard McGrew

"You know, the number 1 thing I get out of coming to the NoteSchool Mastermind is networking. I get to meet guys that I've been working with for a couple years now and then develop new friendships and start brainstorming different ideas with them and how they're handling things compared to how I handle things. So networking's really why I come."
Questions? Contact us at info@noteschool.com or call 866-844-8228
Masterminds Are Powerful!
Masterminds Change Lives!
Masterminds Are Powerful! Masterminds Change Lives!
Listen In and Discover How Our Privileged Members Have Achieved Success Inside Of NotePro Mastermind:

  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our 100% Guarantee is very simple and is set up to be fair to both you as a potential member and for us as an organization.

If your application passes initial screening we will review it with you and if we both agree there is potential for massive mutual benefit you will be invited to attend your first Mastermind.

At the end of your first NotePro Mastermind, we’ll have a simple conversation. You will not be sold or pressured. Period.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the event, we will immediately refund you 80% of what you've paid keeping only the non-refundable minimum. No questions asked.
Limited seats available for NotePro Mastermind 
Questions? Contact us at info@noteschool.com or call 866-844-8228
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